“Low Thyroid Hormone Symptoms”


Your intuition may be telling you that you have low thyroid hormones but...


The only way to know if your intuition is correct is through lab testing.


To make an accurate diagnosis a physician needs to evaluate 5 lab values found in an expanded thyroid blood panel.


Only about 10% of women with low thyroid hormone symptoms have ever had this expanded blood panel ordered by their physician.


Odds are your physician hasn't order this thryoid panel.


You can order this panel today and have the test done close to where you live.


The cost is less than $100.

Here's all you need to do...

Complete the questionnaire below.

You will immediately receive a personalized summary along with important information about your thyroid and the lab testing.

It's that easy!  There's no obligation and the questionnaire requires only a couple of minutes.


Thyroid Questionnaire

This first section covers the typical low thyroid hormone symptoms.  How many of these do you experience?

  • I have fatigue most of the time.
  • I have cold extremeties.
  • I gain weight easily.
  • My hair is thinning.
  • I can have morning headaches which are better as the day goes on.
  • I catch colds easily.
  • My memory is poor.
  • I have digestive problems including constipation.
  • I can feel sad for no apparent reason.


This next section is also about the thyroid and relates to the possibility of having thyroid antibodies.  This autoimmune condition is becoming more and more common and is not being adequately assessed by most physicians.  How many of these symptoms do you have?

  • I have had a radio active thyroid scan.
  • I or someone in my family has an autoimmune problem.
  • I have or have had thyroid cancer.
  • My symptoms swing from hypo to hyper, from feeling fatigued to feeling hyped.
  • My thyroid blood tests have a history of fluctuating.


This final section adds another dimension to low thyroid hormone symptoms and focuses on an important hormone produced by your adrenals called cortisol.  How many of these symptoms do you have?

  • Life's stresses and constant strains are likely a major contributor to my fatigue.
  • This is really a difficult period of my life (divorce, bankruptcy, lost job, etc.)
  • I have driven myself to exhaustion.
  • I can feel tired but wired.
  • I am living with chronic pain.
  • I can sometimes feel dizzy when standing too quickly.
  • Normal sunlight seems too bright.
  • It seems to take me a long time to recover from a cold or flu.


This completes the questionnaire.  Once you click 'submit' your answers will be analyzed by our software and a summary will immediately appear.

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